PidTagAttachNumber Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Contains a number that uniquely identifies the attachment within its parent message.

Associated properties:
Data type:
Message attachment


Message stores generate and maintain this property. The attachment number is the secondary sort key, after the rendering position, in the attachment table.

PR_ATTACH_NUM is used to open the attachment with the IMessage::OpenAttach method. Within a client application's session, the PR_ATTACH_NUM property of a message attachment remains constant as long as the attachment table is open.

The message store propagates changes to the table using the IMessage::CreateAttach and IMessage::DeleteAttach methods. At its option the message store can generate table notifications on open attachment tables so that clients can resynchronize to those changes.

Protocol specifications


Handles message and attachment objects.

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Provides data type definitions.


Contains definitions of properties listed as alternate names.

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