PidTagMessageEditorFormat Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Specifies the format for an editor to use to display a message.

Associated properties:
Data type:


The possible values for PR_MSG_EDITOR_FORMAT can be one of the following:

Value Description
The format for the editor to use is unknown.
The editor should display the message in plain text format.
The editor should display the message in HTML format.
The editor should display the message in Rich Text Format.

By default, mail messages (with the message class IPM.Note or with a custom message class derived from IPM.Note) sent from a POP3/SMTP mail account are sent in the Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF). The PR_MSG_EDITOR_FORMAT property can be used to enforce only plain text, and not TNEF, when sending a message. If PR_MSG_EDITOR_FORMAT is set to EDITOR_FORMAT_PLAINTEXT, the message is sent as plain text without TNEF. If PR_MSG_EDITOR_FORMAT is set to EDITOR_FORMAT_RTF, TNEF encoding is implicitly enabled, and the message is sent by using the default Internet format that is specified in the Outlook client.

There are two other ways to enforce the use of TNEF when sending a message.

  • Setting the dispidUseTNEF (PidLidUseTnef) named property to True on a message indicates TNEF should be included when converting the message from MAPI to MIME/SMTP. Note that dispidUseTNEF only applies when the message is sent from a POP3/SMTP mail account, and does not apply when the message is sent by other providers, such as Microsoft Exchange Server. dispidUseTNEF overrides the setting in PR_MSG_EDITOR_FORMAT.

  • Using the CCSF_USE_TNEF flag when calling IConverterSession::MAPIToMIMEStm to convert an outgoing MAPI message to a MIME stream can also enforce TNEF. This applies even if dispidUseTNEF is not set.

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