PidTagRtfInSync Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Contains TRUE if the PR_RTF_COMPRESSED (PidTagRtfCompressed) property has the same text content as the PR_BODY (PidTagBody) property for this message.

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A value of TRUE means that the PR_BODY (PidTagBody) property, the plain text version of this message, and the PR_RTF_COMPRESSED (PidTagRtfCompressed) property, the Rich Text Format (RTF) version, are identical except for white space in PR_BODY and formatting in PR_RTF_COMPRESSED. The text in the two versions consists of the same characters in the same sequence.

A value of FALSE means that the two versions are not synchronized for text content but are capable of being synchronized by the RTFSync function. One version has been altered and the other version has not.

No value means that the two versions, if both exist or ever existed, cannot be synchronized. One version has been deleted or altered so radically that synchronization is no longer possible.

A client application that has modified PR_RTF_COMPRESSED should set a value of FALSE in this property to force synchronization. RTF-aware message stores should perform the synchronization using RTFSync during an IMAPIProp::SaveChanges call. RTF-aware clients should check the setting of PR_RTF_IN_SYNC before reading PR_RTF_COMPRESSED, and call RTFSync first if necessary.

If PR_BODY has had modifications to anything other than its white space, the message store must delete PR_RTF_IN_SYNC to terminate synchronization.

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