PidTagScheduleInfoFreeBusyTentative Canonical Property

Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

Contains the blocks of times for which the free/busy status is tentative.

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This property has as many values as the number of values in PR_SCHDINFO_MONTHS_TENTATIVE (PidTagScheduleInfoMonthsTentative). Each binary value represents a month and corresponds to the value at the same index in PR_SCHDINFO_MONTHS_TENTATIVE. The binary values are sorted in the same order as the values in PR_SCHDINFO_MONTHS_TENTATIVE.

Each binary value has one or more 4-BYTE blocks and each of them contains the start time in the first two bytes and end time in the second two bytes in little-endian format. The start time is the number of minutes between midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of the first day of the month and the start time of the event in UTC. The end time is the number of minutes between midnight UTC of the first day of the month and the end time of the event in UTC. The 4-BYTE blocks are sorted in ascending order.

Consecutive or overlapping blocks of time are merged into one block with start time as the start time of the first block and end time as the end time of the last block. If an event is spread across multiple months or years, the event is split into multiple blocks, one for each month. If there are no tentative events in the publishing range, then this property and PR_SCHDINFO_MONTHS_TENTATIVE must not be set or must be deleted if they already exist. Otherwise, this property must be set.

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