Applies to: Outlook 2013 | Outlook 2016

A 32-bit status value that is used to describe an error or warning.

typedef ULONG SCODE;


The SCODE data type is the same as the HRESULT data type.

An SCODE value is divided into four fields:

  • A single-bit severity code which is set to 0 to indicate success and 1 to indicate failure.

  • An 11-bit reserved field

  • A 4-bit facility code which indicates the area responsible for the error or warning.

  • A 16-bit error or warning code which describes the problem that is causing the error or warning.

Many of the MAPI functions and methods return SCODE values defined as HRESULT data types as do the OLE methods and functions. OLE defines several macros that can be used to convert between an SCODE and an HRESULT.


In 64-bit MAPI, SCODE is still a 32-bit value.

For more information about how MAPI uses the SCODE data type, see Error Handling. For more information about OLE and the SCODE data type, see the OLE Programmer's Reference .

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