ButtonFace Cell (Action Tags Section)

Contains the ID of the button face image that appears on the action tag button.


In previous versions of Microsoft Visio, action tags are called smart tags.


The string contained in the ButtonFace cell represents the ID of a Microsoft Office button face image. A value of 0 (zero) or blank defaults to the standard action tag "i" info button Standard action tag "i" info button.

The IDs that can be used in the ButtonFace cell are the same as the IDs used with the FaceID property of a CommandBarButton object. For more details about these IDs, search for "working with command bar button images" on MSDN.

To get a reference to the ButtonFace cell by name from another formula, or from a program using the CellsU property, use:

Cell name:
SmartTags. name .ButtonFace where SmartTags. name. is the name of the action tag row.

To get a reference to the ButtonFace cell by index from a program, use the CellsSRC property with the following arguments:

Section index:
Row index:
visRowSmartTag + i where i = 0, 1, 2...
Cell index: