Date Cell (Annotation Section)

Contains the date and time the comment was last edited.


This cell is used for tracking comments only when opening a .vsd file in Microsoft Visio 2013 or when saving a .vsdx file in the .vsd file format. It is not used for tracking comments in .vsdx documents in Visio 2013.


Only the date appears in the comment box in the user interface.

To get a reference to the Date cell by name from another formula, or from a program using the CellsU property, use:

Cell name:
Annotation.Date[ i ] where i = <1>, 2, 3...

To get a reference to the Date cell by index from a program, use the CellsSRC property with the following arguments:

Section index:
Row index:
visRowAnnotation + i where i = 0, 1, 2...
Cell index: