Layouts for mail add-ins

You can use any of the following layouts for mail add-ins:

  • Task pane
  • Contextual
  • Functions with InfoBar notifications

For guidelines about UI text in your add-ins, see Office Voice.

Task pane

For recommendations for task pane layouts for mail add-ins, see Layout for task pane add-ins.

Contextual add-ins

The following image shows the recommended layout for a contextual mail add-in.

Layout of a contextual mail add-in

Functions with InfoBar notifications

In addition to using a task pane or contextual pane to display custom HTML UI in your mail add-in, you can execute functions from commands. When you need to display UI text as a result of a function, you can use InfoBar notifications. For example, you might need to use an InfoBar notification to display error or success messages.

For more information, see add-in commands for mail.

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