Excel Add-ins documentation

With Excel add-ins, you can use familiar web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a solution that can run in Excel across multiple platforms, including on Windows, Mac, iPad, and in a web browser. Learn how to build, test, debug, and publish Excel add-ins.

Learn about Office Add-ins

All Office Add-ins are built upon the Office Add-ins platform and share a common framework through which certain capabilities can be implemented. Explore the following articles for information that's relevant to building any type of Office Add-in.

Note: See the Office Add-ins guidance section of this documentation for the full set of articles that apply to all types of Office Add-ins.


Use the following resources to explore the APIs, ask questions, report issues, or request features related to the Office Add-ins platform or JavaScript API. For information about additional resources, see Office Add-ins additional resources.