Icon element

Defines Image elements for Button or Menu controls.


Attribute Required Description
xsi:type No The type of icon being defined. This is only applicable to icons in mobile form factors. Icon elements contained within a MobileFormFactor element must have this attribute set to bt:MobileIconList.

Child elements

Element Required Description
Image Yes resid of an image to use


An image for the button. The resid attribute can be no more than 32 characters and must be set to the value of the id attribute of an Image element in the Images element in the Resources element. The size attribute indicates the size in pixels of the image. Three image sizes are required (16, 32, and 80 pixels) while five other sizes are supported (20, 24, 40, 48, and 64 pixels).

  <bt:Image size="16" resid="blue-icon-16" />
  <bt:Image size="32" resid="blue-icon-32" />
  <bt:Image size="80" resid="blue-icon-80" />


If this image is your add-in's representative icon, see Create effective listings in AppSource and within Office for size and other requirements.

Additional requirements for mobile form factors

When the parent Icon element is a descendant of a MobileFormFactor element, the minimum required sizes are slightly different. The manifest must minimally provide 25, 32, and 48 pixel sizes. Each size provided must appear three times, with a scale attribute set to 1, 2, or 3.

<Icon xsi:type="bt:MobileIconList">
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-16-1" size="25" scale="1" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-16-2" size="25" scale="2" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-16-3" size="25" scale="3" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-32-1" size="32" scale="1" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-32-2" size="32" scale="2" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-32-3" size="32" scale="3" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-80-1" size="48" scale="1" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-80-2" size="48" scale="2" />
  <bt:Image resid="blue-icon-80-3" size="48" scale="3" />