Set element

Specifies a requirement set from the Office JavaScript API that your Office Add-in requires to activate.

Add-in type: Content, Task pane, Mail


<Set Name="string" MinVersion="n .n">

Contained in



Attribute Type Required Description
Name string required The name of a requirement set.
MinVersion string optional Specifies the minimum version of the API set required by your add-in. Overrides the value of DefaultMinVersion, if it is specified in the parent Sets element.


For more information about requirement sets, see Office versions and requirement sets.

For more information about the MinVersion attribute of the Set element and the DefaultMinVersion attribute of the Sets element, see Set the Requirements element in the manifest.


For mail add-ins, there is only one "Mailbox" requirement set available. This requirement set contains the entire subset of API supported in mail add-ins for Outlook, and you must specify the "Mailbox" requirement set in your mail add-in's manifest (it's not optional as is the case for content and task pane add-ins). Also, you can't declare support for specific methods in mail add-ins.