SupportsSharedFolders element

Defines whether the Outlook add-in is available in delegate scenarios. The SupportsSharedFolders element is a child element of DesktopFormFactor. It is set to false by default.


Support for this element was introduced in requirement set 1.8. See clients and platforms that support this requirement set.

The following is an example of the SupportsSharedFolders element.

<VersionOverrides xmlns="" xsi:type="VersionOverridesV1_0">
  <VersionOverrides xmlns="" xsi:type="VersionOverridesV1_1">
      <Host xsi:type="MailHost">
          <FunctionFile resid="residDesktopFuncUrl" />
          <ExtensionPoint xsi:type="MessageReadCommandSurface">
            <!-- Configure selected extension point. -->

          <!-- You can define more than one ExtensionPoint element as needed. -->