Create your Microsoft AppSource listing

You enter the Microsoft AppSource listing information on the Marketplace listings page in Partner Center. For Office Add-ins, this is also the listing that appears in the in-product experience. Your Microsoft AppSource listing is where you communicate to customers what your solution does and how it can provide value to them. The details are specified per language. You can add multiple languages and localize the listing information for each language; you must complete an Microsoft AppSource listing page for at least one language.


We recommend that you follow the guidelines in Create effective listings when you create your Microsoft AppSource listing.

Manage languages

You can select the languages in which your solution will be available. Choose Manage additional languages and select the check box next to the languages you want. After you select your languages, you can provide Microsoft AppSource listing information for each language.

For details about offering solutions in multiple languages, see Prepare localized add-ins.

Create your listing

Select a language to add the Microsoft AppSource listing information for that language. Your listing includes the following information.

Display name

In the Display name field, select the name of the solution that will be displayed in Microsoft AppSource. For details, see Manage names.

Summary and description

Both the summary and description appear in the listing. The summary appears when a user browses or searches within Microsoft AppSource or the in-product experience. The description appears on the details page for your solution.

Guidelines for descriptions

Item Maximum length Recommended length Include key message in the...
Summary 100 characters 70 characters First 30 characters
Description 4,000 characters 300-500 characters First 300 characters

For additional guidance for descriptions, see Write compelling descriptions.

Search terms

Add keywords related to your solution that customers will use in search queries in Microsoft AppSource. You can add up to three terms, and they can be words or short phrases, with a maximum of 40 characters each.

As a best practice, choose search terms that are not part of your solution name or summary or description, as those are automatically searchable on Microsoft AppSource. Don't choose terms that aren't relevant to your solution.


You can upload a logo that you would like to associate with your Microsoft AppSource listing. Your logo must be a .png file and must be 300 x 300 pixels, and no larger than 50 MB.


Your screenshots appear on the Microsoft AppSource details page and can help draw in potential customers.

You must provide at least one screenshot; we recommend that you provide at least four screenshots for each device family that your solution supports. Each screenshot must be 1366 pixels wide and 768 pixels high (1366 x 768) and no larger than 50 MB. Screenshots must be .png files.

You can also provide a short caption of up to 200 characters that describes each screenshot.

For guidance for creating compelling screenshots, see Craft effective Microsoft AppSource images.

Additional information

You can provide a link to a video about your solution. Your URL must include https://. Microsoft AppSource supports YouTube and Vimeo video links.

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