Create your AppSource listing

You enter the AppSource listing information on the Details page in the Seller Dashboard. This is also the listing that appears in the in-product Store. Your AppSource listing is where you communicate to customers what your solution does and how it can provide value to them. The details are specified per language. You can add multiple languages and localize the following information for each language.


We recommend that you follow the guidelines in Create effective AppSource listings when you create your AppSource listing.

App name

In the App name field, specify the title that will be displayed in AppSource. For guidance for titles, see Use a succinct and descriptive title.

Short description and long description

Both the short description and long description appear in the AppSource listing. The short description appears when a user browses or searches within AppSource or the in-product Store. The long description appears on the details page.

Guidelines for title and description length

Item Maximum length Recommended length Include key message in the...
Title 50 characters 30 characters First 30 characters
Short description 100 characters 70 characters First 30 characters
Long description 4,000 characters 300-500 characters First 300 characters

For additional guidance for descriptions, see Write compelling descriptions.


Your screenshots appear on the AppSource details page and can help draw in potential customers.

At a minimum, you must supply a Primary screenshot. You can optionally provide an additional four images. Screenshot images must have a file extention of .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif. Each screenshot must be exactly 1366 pixels wide and 768 pixels high (1366 x 768) and no larger than 1024 KB.

For guidance for creating compelling screenshots, see Use screenshots effectively.  

Regional availability

By default, your solution is listed in all possible markets, including any markets that we might add in the future. You can block an app or add-in from being made available in specific countries/regions.

On the Block access page, if you don't want your app or add-in to be listed and sold in some countries/regions:

  • Select the Block customers in certain countries/regions from purchasing this app check box.
  • Select Select countries/regions.
  • In the Select which countries/regions you would like to block dialog box, select the countries/regions that you want to block from purchasing your app or add-in.
  • Select Block countries/regions or Cancel after making your selections. If you block a particular country/region, users in that region will not be able to acquire or use your app or add-in.


To submit a SharePoint Add-in that uses OAuth and that you want to distribute to China, you must block access for all countries except China.

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