Optimize the placement and ranking of your Office Add-in in AppSource

Do you want to deliver a top-quality add-in experience, generate positive customer reviews, and optimize your add-in's placement in AppSource and within the Office experience? The depth and value that you provide in your add-in determines in part your add-in's placement and ranking in AppSource search results. To create a high-quality add-in experience, apply the best practices for add-in development. Make sure that customers find and use your add-in by creating an effective AppSource listing.

Checklist to optimize your add-in

Use this checklist to optimize the end-to-end experience of your add-in.

To Do this
Get customers interested - Use a succinct and descriptive title.
- Write compelling descriptions that don't rely too much on your brand.
- Include informative screenshots.
- Create a strong visual identity with your logo.
- Ask customers to rate and review your add-in.
- Provide help and support from within your add-in.
Avoid first-run dropoff - Offer a great first run experience for both new and existing customers to help customers get started quickly and easily.
- Create a high-quality user experience.
- Use Office.js v1.1 to take advantage of the latest features of the API.
- Optimize the performance of your add-in.
Retain customers - Use add-in commands to add icons to the Office ribbon so customers can easily find and use your add-in.
- Use analytics and monitoring to understand how customers use your add-in.
- Run A/B tests to evaluate features and functionality.
Drive new business Drive traffic to your add-in by linking to the AppSource on your website.

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