Cannot Resize the Chart Area of a chart located on a Chartsheet


Starting from Excel 2010,  you cannot adjust the size of the chart area when the chart is located on a chart sheet. Excel 2007 would allow you to resize the chart area.

Consider this scenario:

  1. When you try to resize charts on a chart sheet, Excel displays the resize handle, but it won't let you resize the chart.
  2. After upgrading a file created in Excel 2007 if the chart is positioned to be small on the chart sheet, it will snap to maximum size on the chart sheet. 

More Information

This behavior was changed in Excel 2010 and later versions, which is the intended design. 

Alternatives to resizing the chart area on the chart sheet include:

  • Resize the plot area and position other elements to match.

  • Embed the chart in the worksheet instead of a chart sheet. To do this, follow these steps: 

    1. Highlight the chart.
    2. On the Chart Toolsribbon choose Design
    3. Click on Move Chart
    4. Choose where you want the chart to be placed: Object in: Choose the worksheet tab you want to place it.
    5. Click OK.