Recalculation of a worksheet that contains a SUMIF formula takes longer than expected to finish


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When Microsoft Excel recalculates a worksheet that contains a SUMIF formula, the recalculation takes longer to finish than expected.

For example, you type a number into a cell in the worksheet. Then, you press TAB. When Excel recalculates the worksheet, Excel takes longer to move the insertion point to the next cell in the worksheet than expected.


This issue may occur if the arguments in a SUMIF formula do not contain the same number of cells.

For example, this issue may occur if you use the following SUMIF formula in the worksheet.



The first and third arguments in the formula do not contain the same number of cells (rows and columns).


To resolve this issue, use the same number of cells in the first and third arguments of the SUMIF formula.

For example, to resolve this issue in the formula in the "Cause" section, change the formula as shown in the following example.


More Information

For more information about how to use the SUMIF formula, click Microsoft Excel Help on the Help menu, type SUMIF in the Search for box in the Assistance pane, and then click Start searching to view the topic.