CurX property

Specifies the current horizontal position of the insertion point in a multiline TextBox or ComboBox.


object. CurX [= Long ]

The CurX property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. A valid object.
Long Optional. Indicates the current position, measured in himetrics. A himetric is 0.0001 meter.


The CurX property applies to a multiline TextBox or ComboBox. The return value is valid when the object has the focus.

You can use CurTargetX and CurX to position the insertion point as the user scrolls through the contents of a multiline TextBox or ComboBox. When the user moves the insertion point to another line of text by scrolling the content of the object, CurTargetX specifies the preferred position for the insertion point.

CurX is set to this value if the line of text is longer than the value of CurTargetX. Otherwise, CurX is set to the end of the line of text.

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