FileAttr Function

Returns a Long representing the file mode for files opened using the Open statement. Syntax FileAttr( filenumber, returntype ) The FileAttr function syntax has thesenamed arguments:

Part Description
filenumber Required; Integer. Any valid file number.
returntype Required; Integer. Number indicating the type of information to return. Specify 1 to return a value indicating the file mode. On 16-bit systems only, specify 2 to retrieve an operating system file handle. Returntype 2 is not supported in 32-bit systems and causes an error.

Return Values When the returntypeargument is 1, the following return values indicate the file access mode:

Mode Value
Input 1
Output 2
Random 4
Append 8
Binary 32


This example uses the FileAttr function to return the file mode and file handle of an open file. The file handle is returned only on 16-bit systems; on 32-bit systems, passing 2 as a second argument generates an error.

Dim FileNum, Mode, Handle
FileNum = 1    ' Assign file number.
Open "TESTFILE" For Append As FileNum    ' Open file.
Mode = FileAttr(FileNum, 1)    ' Returns 8 (Append file mode).
Handle = FileAttr(FileNum, 2)    ' Returns file handle.
Close FileNum    ' Close file.