MultiLine Property

Specifies whether a control can accept and display multiple lines of text. Syntax object. MultiLine [= Boolean ] The MultiLine property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. A valid object.
Boolean Optional. Whether the control supports more than one line of text.

Settings The settings for Boolean are:

Value Description
True The text is displayed across multiple lines (default).
False The text is not displayed across multiple lines.

Remarks A multiline TextBox allows absolute line breaks and adjusts its quantity of lines to accommodate the amount of text it holds. If needed, a multiline control can have vertical scroll bars. A single-line TextBox doesn't allow absolute line breaks and doesn't use vertical scroll bars. Single-line controls ignore the value of the WordWrap property.

Note If you change MultiLine to False in a multiline TextBox, all the characters in the TextBox will be combined into one line, including non-printing characters (such as carriage returns and new-lines).