Tab object

A Tab is an individual member of a Tabs collection.


Visually, a Tab object appears as a rectangle protruding from a larger rectangular area or as a button adjacent to a rectangular area.

In contrast to a Page, a Tab does not contain any controls. Controls that appear within the region bounded by a TabStrip are contained on the form, as is the TabStrip.

Each Tab has its own set of properties, but has no methods or events. You must use events from the appropriate TabStrip to initiate processing of an individual Tab.

Each Tab has a unique name and index value within the collection. You can reference a Tab by either its name or its index value. The index of the first Tab is 0; the index of the second Tab is 1; and so on. When two Tab objects have the same name, you must reference each Tab by its index value. References to the name in code will access only the first Tab that uses the name.

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