Terminate event

Occurs when all references to an instance of an object are removed from memory by setting all variables that refer to the object to Nothing or when the last reference to the object goes out of scope.


Private Sub object_Terminate( )

The object placeholder represents an object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.


The Terminate event occurs after the object is unloaded. The Terminate event isn't triggered if the instances of the UserForm or class are removed from memory because the application terminated abnormally.

For example, if your application invokes the End statement before removing all existing instances of the class or UserForm from memory, the Terminate event isn't triggered for that class or UserForm.


The following event procedures cause a UserForm to beep for a few seconds after the user clicks the client area to dismiss the form.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
    UserForm1.Caption = "Click me to kill me!"
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Click()
  Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Terminate()
    Dim Count As Integer
    For Count = 1 To 100
End Sub

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