Use the Immediate Window

The Immediate window displays information resulting from debugging statements in your code or from commands typed directly into the window.

To display the Immediate window

  • From the View menu, choose Immediate window (CTRL+G)

To execute code in the Immediate window

  1. Type a line of code in the Immediate window.

  2. Press ENTER to execute the statement.

Use the Immediate window to:

  • Test problematic or newly written code.

  • Query or change the value of a variable while running an application. While execution is halted, assign the variable a new value as you would in code.

  • Query or change a property value while running an application.

  • Call procedures as you would in code.

  • View debugging output while the program is running.

    Note Immediate window statements are executed in a context — that is, as if they are entered in a specificmodule.

If you need help on syntax for functions, statements, properties, or methods while working in the Immediate window, select thekeyword, the property name, or the method name, and press F1.