Value property (Microsoft Forms)

Specifies the state or content of a given control.


object.Value [= Variant ]

The Value property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object Required. A valid object.
Variant Optional. The state or content of the control.


Control Description
CheckBox An integer value indicating whether the item is selected:

Null. Indicates the item is in a null state, neither selected nor cleared.

-1 True. Indicates the item is selected.

0 False. Indicates the item is cleared.
OptionButton Same as CheckBox.
ToggleButton Same as CheckBox.
ScrollBar An integer between the values specified for the Max and Min properties.
SpinButton Same as ScrollBar.
ComboBox, ListBox The value in the BoundColumn of the currently selected rows.
CommandButton Always False.
MultiPage An integer indicating the currently active page.

Zero (0) indicates the first page. The maximum value is one less than the number of pages.
TextBox The text in the edit region.


For a CommandButton, setting the Value property to True in a macro or procedure initiates the button's Click event.

For a ComboBox, changing the contents of Value does not change the value of BoundColumn. To add or delete entries in a ComboBox, you can use the AddItem or RemoveItem method.

Value cannot be used with a multi-select list box.

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