Handler property example (VB)

Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016

This example demonstrates the RDS DataControl object Handler property. (See DataFactory Customization for more details.)

Assume that the following sections in the parameter file, Msdfmap.ini, are located on the server:

[connect AuthorDataBase] 
[sql AuthorById] 
SQL="SELECT * FROM Authors WHERE au_id = ?" 

Your code looks like the following. The command assigned to the SQL property will match the AuthorById identifier and will retrieve a row for author Michael O'Leary. The DataControl object Recordset property is assigned to a disconnected Recordset object purely as a coding convenience.

'BeginHandlerVBPublic Sub Main()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandlerDim dc As New DataControl
Dim rst As ADODB.Recordsetdc.Handler = "MSDFMAP.Handler"
dc.ExecuteOptions = 1dc.FetchOptions = 1
dc.Server = "http://MyServer"dc.Connect = "Data Source=AuthorDataBase"
dc.SQL = "AuthorById('267-41-2394')"dc.Refresh 'Retrieve the record
Set rst = dc.Recordset 'Use another Recordset as a convenienceDebug.Print "Author is '" &; rst!au_fname &; " " &; rst!au_lname &; "'"
' clean upIf rst.State = adStateOpen Then rst.Close
Set rst = NothingSet dc = Nothing
Exit SubErrorHandler:
' clean upIf Not rst Is Nothing Then
If rst.State = adStateOpen Then rst.CloseEnd If
Set rst = NothingSet dc = Nothing
If Err <> 0 ThenMsgBox Err.Source &; "-->" &; Err.Description, , "Error"
End IfEnd Sub

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