Application.COMAddIns property (Access)

You can use the COMAddIns property to return a reference to the current COMAddIns collection object and its related properties. Read-only COMAddIns object.


expression. COMAddIns

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


The COMAddIns collection object is the collection of all currently registered COM add-ins of an application. You can refer to individual members of the collection by using the member object's index or a string expression that is the name of the member object. The first member object in the collection has an index value of 1 and the total number of member objects in the collection is the value of the COMAddIns collection's Count property.

Once you establish a reference to the COMAddIns collection object, you can access all the properties and methods of the object. You can set a reference to the COMAddIns collection object by clicking References on the Tools menu while in module Design view. Then set a reference to the Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library in the References dialog box by selecting the appropriate check box. Microsoft Access can set this reference for you if you use a Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library constant to set a COMAddIns collection object's property or as an argument to a COMAddIns collection object's method.

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