ComboBox.Selected property (Access)

You can use the Selected property in Visual Basic to determine if an item in a combo box is selected. Read/write Long.


expression. Selected( _lRow_ )

expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
lRow Required Long The item in the combo box. The first item is represented by a zero (0), the second by a one (1), and so on.


The Selected property is a zero-based array that contains the selected state of each item in a combo box.

Setting Description
True The combo box item is selected.
False The combo box item is not selected.

This property is available only at run time.

You can use the Selected property to select items in a combo box by using Visual Basic. For example, the following expression selects the fifth item in the list:

Me!Combobox.Selected(4) = True

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