Form.GridX Property (Access)

You can use the GridX property (along with the GridY property) to specify the horizontal and vertical divisions of the alignment grid in form Design view. Read/write Integer.


expression. GridX

expression A variable that represents a Form object.


Enter an integer between 1 and 64 representing the number of subdivisions per unit of measurement. If the Measurement system box is set to U.S. on the Numbers tab of the Regional Options dialog box of Windows Control Panel, the default setting is 24 for the GridX property (horizontal) and 24 for the GridY property (vertical).

In Visual Basic, you set this property by using a numeric expression.

The GridX and GridY properties provide control over the placement and alignment of objects on a form or report. You can adjust the grid for greater or lesser precision. To see the grid, click Grid on the View menu. If the setting for either the GridX or GridY properties is greater than 24, the grid points disappear from view (although the grid lines are still displayed).

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