Module.Type Property (Access)

Indicates whether a module is a standard module or a class module. Read-only AcModuleType.


expression. Type

expression A variable that represents a Module object.


The following example determines whether a Module object represents a standard module or a class module:

Function CheckModuleType(strModuleName As String) As Integer 
 Dim mdl As Module 
 ' Open module to include in Modules collection. 
 DoCmd.OpenModule strModuleName 
 ' Return reference to Module object. 
 Set mdl = Modules(strModuleName) 
 ' Check Type property. 
 If mdl.Type = acClassModule Then 
 ' Insert comment. 
 mdl.InsertLines 1, "' Class module." 
 CheckModuleType = acClassModule 
 ' Insert comment. 
 mdl.InsertLines 1, "' Standard module." 
 CheckModuleType = acStandardModule 
 End If 
End Function

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