Reference.Guid Property (Access)

The GUID property of a Reference object returns a GUID that identifies a type library in the Windows Registry. Read-only String.


expression. Guid

expression A variable that represents a Reference object.


Every type library has an associated GUID which is stored in the Registry. When you set a reference to a type library, Microsoft Access uses the type library's GUID to identify the type library.

You can use the AddFromGUID method to create a Reference object from a type library's GUID.


The following example prints the value of the FullPath, GUID, IsBroken, Major, and Minor properties for each Reference object in the References collection:

Sub ReferenceProperties() 
 Dim ref As Reference 
 ' Enumerate through References collection. 
 For Each ref In References 
 ' Check IsBroken property. 
 If ref.IsBroken = False Then 
 Debug.Print "Name: ", ref.Name 
 Debug.Print "FullPath: ", ref.FullPath 
 Debug.Print "Version: ", ref.Major &; "." &; ref.Minor 
 Debug.Print "GUIDs of broken references:" 
 Debug.Print ref.GUID 
 Next ref 
End Sub

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