TextBox.Text property (Access)

You can use the Text property to set or return the text Value contained in a text box. Read/write String.



expression A variable that represents a TextBox object.


You can set the Text property to the text that you want to display in the control. You can also use the Text property to read the text currently in the control.


To set or return a control's Text property, the control must have the focus, or an error occurs. To move the focus to a control, you can use the SetFocus method or GoToControl action.

While the control has the focus, the Text property contains the text data currently in the control; the Value property contains the last saved data for the control. When you move the focus to another control, the control's data is updated, and the Value property is set to this new value. The Text property setting is then unavailable until the control gets the focus again. If you use the Save Record command on the Records menu to save the data in the control without moving the focus, the Text property and Value property settings will be the same.


The following example uses the Text property to enable a Next button named btnNext whenever the user enters text into a text box named txtName. Anytime the text box is empty, the Next button is disabled.

Sub txtName_Change() 
 btnNext.Enabled = Len(Me!txtName.Text & "")<>0 
End Sub

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