Application.ODBCErrors Property (Excel)

Returns an ODBCErrors collection that contains all the ODBC errors generated by the most recent query table or PivotTable report operation. Read-only.


expression. ODBCErrors

expression A variable that represents an [Application](./Excel.Application(Graph property).md) object.


If there's more than one query running at the same time, the ODBCErrors collection contains the ODBC errors from the query that's finished last.


This example refreshes query table one and displays any ODBC errors that occur.

With Worksheets(1).QueryTables(1) 
 Set errs = Application.ODBCErrors 
 If errs.Count > 0 Then 
 Set r = .Destination.Cells(1) 
 r.Value = "The following errors occurred:" 
 c = 0 
 For Each er In errs 
 c = c + 1 
 r.offset(c, 0).value = er.ErrorString 
 r.offset(c, 1).value = er.SqlState 
 MsgBox "Query complete: all records returned." 
 End If 
End With

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