Application.WorkbookNewChart event (Excel)

Occurs when a new chart is created in any open workbook.


expression.WorkbookNewChart (Wb, Ch)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Wb Required Workbook The workbook.
Ch Required Chart The new chart.

Return value



The WorkbookNewChart event occurs when a new chart is inserted or pasted on a worksheet, a chart sheet, or other sheet types. If multiple charts are inserted or pasted, the event will occur for each chart in the order they are inserted or pasted.

If a chart object or chart sheet is moved from one location to another, the event will not occur. However, if the chart is moved between a chart object and a chart sheet, the event will occur because a new chart must be created.

The WorkbookNewChart event will not occur in the following scenarios: copying or pasting a chart sheet, changing a chart type, changing a chart data source, undoing or redoing inserting or pasting a chart, and loading a workbook that contains a chart.


The following code example displays a message box when a new chart is added to a workbook.

Private Sub App_NewChart(ByVal Wb As Workbook, _ 
 ByVal Ch As Chart) 
 MsgBox ("A new chart was added to: " & Wb.Name & " of type: " & Ch.Type) 
End Sub

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