ListDataFormat.Choices Property (Excel)

Returns an Array of String values that contains the choices offered to the user by the ListLookUp , ChoiceMulti , and Choice data types of the DefaultValue property. Read-only Variant .


expression. Choices

expression A variable that represents a ListDataFormat object.


In Microsoft Excel, you cannot set any of the properties associated with the ListDataFormat object. You can set these properties, however, by modifying the list on the server that is running Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.


The following example displays the setting of the Choice property for the third column in a list that is linked to a SharePoint list. In this example, it is assumed that the DefaultValue property has been set to the Choice , ChoiceMulti , or ListLookup data type.

Sub PrintChoices() 
 Dim wrksht As Worksheet 
 Dim objListCol As ListColumn 
 Set wrksht = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") 
 Set objListCol = wrksht.ListObjects(1).ListColumns(3) 
 Debug.Print objListCol.ListDataFormat.Choices 
End Sub

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