PictureType Property

Returns or sets the way pictures are displayed on a column or bar picture chart or on the walls and faces of a 3-D chart. For the Point and Series objects, read/write XlChartPictureType. For the LegendKey object, read/write Long. For the Floor and Walls objects, read/write Variant.

|XlChartPictureType can be one of these XlChartPictureType constants.| | xlStack. Stacks the pictures to reach the necessary value.| | xlStretch. Stretches the picture to reach the necessary value.| | xlStackScale. Stacks the pictures; use the PictureUnit property to determine what unit each picture represents.|

expression. PictureType

expression Required. An expression that returns one of the above objects.


This example sets series one to stretch pictures. The example should be run on a 2-D column chart with picture data markers.

myChart.SeriesCollection(1).PictureType = xlStretch