PivotField.AutoSortCustomSubtotal Property (Excel)

Returns the name of the custom subtotal used to sort the specified PivotTable field automatically. Read-only.


expression. AutoSortCustomSubtotal

expression A variable that represents a PivotField object.


The default value is 1 (Automatic). When the AutoSortCustomSubtotal property is set to 1 (Automatic), the data is sorted by the regular subtotals. The AutoSortCustomSubtotal property can have one of the index values listed in the following table.

|1|Automatic| |2|Sum| |3|Count| |4|Average| |5|Max| |6|Min| |7|Product| |8|Count Nums| |9|StdDev| |10|StdDevp| |11|Var| |12|Varp|

Sorting is supported only by custom subtotals that are actually displayed in the PivotTable, so trying to set AutoSortCustomSubtotal to a value representing a custom subtotal not in the PivotTable view will return a run-time error.

If sorting is applied based on a custom subtotal, and that subtotal is removed from the PivotTable, the AutoSortCustomSubtotal property will automatically be set to the default value (1).

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