QueryTable.QueryType Property (Excel)

Indicates the type of query used by Microsoft Excel to populate the query table. Read-only XlQueryType .


expression. QueryType

expression A variable that represents a QueryTable object.


| XlQueryType can be one of these XlQueryType constants.| | xlTextImport . Based on a text file, for query tables only| | xlOLEDBQuery . Based on an OLE DB query, including OLAP data sources| | xlWebQuery . Based on a Web page, for query tables only| | xlADORecordset . Based on an ADO recordset query| | xlDAORecordSet . Based on a DAO recordset query, for query tables only| | xlODBCQuery . Based on an ODBC data source|

You specify the data source in the prefix for the Connection property's value.

If you import data using the user interface, data from a Web query or a text query is imported as a QueryTable object, while all other external data is imported as a ListObject object.

If you import data using the object model, data from a Web query or a text query must be imported as a QueryTable , while all other external data can be imported as either a ListObject or a QueryTable .

You can use the QueryTable property of the ListObject to access the QueryType property.


This example refreshes the first query table on the first worksheet if the table is based on a Web page.

Set qtQtrResults = _ 
With qtQtrResults 
 if .QueryType = xlWebQuery Then 
 End If 
End With

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