QueryTable.RefreshStyle Property (Excel)

Returns or sets the way rows on the specified worksheet are added or deleted to accommodate the number of rows in a recordset returned by a query. Read/write XlCellInsertionMode .


expression. RefreshStyle

expression A variable that represents a QueryTable object.


| XlCellInsertionMode can be one of these XlCellInsertionMode constants.| | xlInsertDeleteCells Partial rows are inserted or deleted to match the exact number of rows required for the new recordset.| | xlOverwriteCells No new cells or rows are added to the worksheet. Data in surrounding cells is overwritten to accommodate any overflow.| | xlInsertEntireRows Entire rows are inserted, if necessary, to accommodate any overflow. No cells or rows are deleted from the worksheet.|

If you import data using the user interface, data from a Web query or a text query is imported as a QueryTable object, while all other external data is imported as a ListObject object.

If you import data using the object model, data from a Web query or a text query must be imported as a QueryTable , while all other external data can be imported as either a ListObject or a QueryTable .

You can use the QueryTable property of the ListObject to access the RefreshStyle property.


This example adds a query table to Sheet1. The RefreshStyle property adds rows to the worksheet as needed, to hold the data results.

Dim qt As QueryTable 
Set qt = Sheets("sheet1").QueryTables _ 
 .Add(Connection:="Finder;c:\myfile.dqy", _ 
With qt 
 .RefreshStyle = xlInsertEntireRows 
End With

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