Shape.ParentGroup Property (Excel)

Returns a Shape object that represents the common parent shape of a child shape or a range of child shapes.


expression. ParentGroup

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.


In this example, Microsoft Excel adds two shapes to the active worksheet and then removes both shapes by deleting the parent shape of the group.

Sub ParentGroup() 
 Dim pgShape As Shape 
 With ActiveSheet.Shapes 
 .AddShape Type:=1, Left:=10, Top:=10, _ 
 Width:=100, Height:=100 
 .AddShape Type:=2, Left:=110, Top:=120, _ 
 Width:=100, Height:=100 
 .Range(Array(1, 2)).Group 
 End With 
 ' Using the child shape in the group get the Parent shape. 
 Set pgShape = ActiveSheet.Shapes(1).GroupItems(1).ParentGroup 
 MsgBox "The two shapes will now be deleted." 
 ' Delete the parent shape. 
End Sub

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