TextEffectFormat.FontItalic Property (Excel)

Returns msoTrue if the font in the specified WordArt is italic. Read/write MsoTriState .


expression. FontItalic

expression A variable that represents a TextEffectFormat object.


| MsoTriState can be one of these MsoTriState constants.| | msoCTrue Does not apply to this property.| | msoFalse The specified WordArt is not italic.| | msoTriStateMixed Does not apply to this property.| | msoTriStateToggle Does not apply to this property.| | msoTrue The specified WordArt is italic.|


This example sets the font to italic for the shape named "WordArt 4" in myDocument.

Set myDocument = Worksheets(1) 
myDocument.Shapes("WordArt 4").TextEffect.FontItalic = msoTrue

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