Workbook.UpdateLinks Property (Excel)

Returns or sets an XlUpdateLink constant indicating a workbook's setting for updating embedded OLE links. Read/write.


expression. UpdateLinks

expression A variable that represents a Workbook object.


| XlUpdateLinks can be one of these XlUpdateLinks constants.| | xlUpdateLinksAlways Embedded OLE links are always updated for the specified workbook.| | xlUpdateLinksNever Embedded OLE links are never updated for the specified workbook.| | xlUpdateLinksUserSetting Embedded OLE links are updated according to the user's settings for the specified workbook.|


In this example, Microsoft Excel determines the setting for updating links and notifies the user.

Sub UseUpdateLinks() 
 Dim wkbOne As Workbook 
 Set wkbOne = Application.Workbooks(1) 
 Select Case wkbOne.UpdateLinks 
 Case xlUpdateLinksAlways 
 MsgBox "Links will always be updated " & _ 
 "for the specified workbook." 
 Case xlUpdateLinksNever 
 MsgBox "Links will never be updated " & _ 
 "for the specified workbook." 
 Case xlUpdateLinksUserSetting 
 MsgBox "Links will update according " & _ 
 "to user settting for the specified workbook." 
 End Select 
End Sub

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