XlMarkerStyle enumeration (Excel)

Specifies the marker style for a point or series in a line chart, scatter chart, or radar chart.

Name Value Description
xlMarkerStyleAutomatic -4105 Automatic markers
xlMarkerStyleCircle 8 Circular markers
xlMarkerStyleDash -4115 Long bar markers
xlMarkerStyleDiamond 2 Diamond-shaped markers
xlMarkerStyleDot -4118 Short bar markers
xlMarkerStyleNone -4142 No markers
xlMarkerStylePicture -4147 Picture markers
xlMarkerStylePlus 9 Square markers with a plus sign
xlMarkerStyleSquare 1 Square markers
xlMarkerStyleStar 5 Square markers with an asterisk
xlMarkerStyleTriangle 3 Triangular markers
xlMarkerStyleX -4168 Square markers with an X

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