AddIns.Add method (Excel)

Adds a new add-in file to the list of add-ins. Returns an AddIn object.


expression.Add (FileName, CopyFile)

expression A variable that represents an AddIns object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
FileName Required String The name of the file that contains the add-in or the ProgID of the automation add-in that you want to add to the list in the add-in manager.
CopyFile Optional Variant Ignored if the add-in file is on a hard disk. True to copy the add-in to your hard disk, if the add-in is on a removable medium (such as a compact disc). False to have the add-in remain on the removable medium. If this argument is omitted, Microsoft Excel displays a dialog box and asks you to choose.

Return value

An AddIn object that represents the new add-in.


This method does not install the new add-in. You must set the Installed property to install the add-in.


This example inserts the add-in Myaddin.xla from drive A. When you run this example, Microsoft Excel copies the file A:\Myaddin.xla to the Library folder on your hard disk and adds the add-in title to the list in the Add-Ins dialog box.

Sub UseAddIn() 
 Set myAddIn = AddIns.Add(Filename:="A:\MYADDIN.XLA", _ 
 MsgBox myAddIn.Title & " has been added to the list" 
End Sub

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