ControlFormat.Min property (Excel)

Returns or sets the minimum value of a scroll bar or spinner range. The scroll bar or spinner won't take on values less than this minimum value. Read/write Long.



expression An expression that returns a ControlFormat object.

Return value



The value of the Min property must be less than the value of the Max property.


This example creates a scroll bar and sets its linked cell, minimum, maximum, large change, and small change values.

Set sb = Worksheets(1).Shapes.AddFormControl(xlScrollBar, _ 
 Left:=10, Top:=10, Width:=10, Height:=200) 
With sb.ControlFormat 
 .LinkedCell = "D1" 
 .Max = 100 
 .Min = 0 
 .LargeChange = 10 
 .SmallChange = 2 
End With

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