ControlFormat.RemoveItem method (Excel)

Removes one or more items from a list box or combo box.


expression.RemoveItem (Index, Count)

expression A variable that represents a ControlFormat object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Index Required Long The number of the first item to be removed. Valid values are from 1 to the number of items in the list (returned by the ListCount property).
Count Optional Variant The number of items to be removed, starting at item Index. If this argument is omitted, one item is removed. If Index + Count exceeds the number of items in the list, all items from Index through the end of the list are removed without an error.


If the specified object has a fill range defined for it, this method fails.

Use the RemoveAllItems method to remove all entries from a list box or combo box.


This example removes the selected item from a list box. If Shapes(2) doesn't represent a list box, this example fails.

Set lbcf = Worksheets(1).Shapes(2).ControlFormat 
lbcf.RemoveItem lbcf.ListIndex

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