PageSetup.RightFooterPicture property (Excel)

Returns a Graphic object that represents the picture for the right section of the footer. Used to set attributes of the picture.



expression A variable that represents a PageSetup object.


The RightFooterPicture property itself is read-only, but not all of its properties are read-only.

It is required that "&G" be a part of the RightFooter property string for the image to show up in the right footer.


The following example adds a picture titled Sample.jpg from the C:\ drive to the right section of the footer. This example assumes that a file called Sample.jpg exists on the C:\ drive.

Sub InsertPicture() 
 With ActiveSheet.PageSetup.RightFooterPicture 
 .FileName = "C:\Sample.jpg" 
 .Height = 275.25 
 .Width = 463.5 
 .Brightness = 0.36 
 .ColorType = msoPictureGrayscale 
 .Contrast = 0.39 
 .CropBottom = -14.4 
 .CropLeft = -28.8 
 .CropRight = -14.4 
 .CropTop = 21.6 
 End With 
 ' Enable the image to show up in the right footer. 
 ActiveSheet.PageSetup.RightFooter = "&G" 
End Sub

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