SlicerCache.Name property (Excel)

Returns or sets the name of the slicer cache.



expression A variable that returns a SlicerCache object.

Return value



The name of the slicer cache must be unique within the workbook namespace. By default, the name assigned to a slicer cache is Slicer_ followed by the name of the PivotTable field that the slicer cache is associated with.

For example, if slicer is associated with the Product Category field in the PivotTable, the default name will be Slicer_Product_Category (any spaces in the field name are replaced with underscore characters). If there is more than one Product Category field in the same workbook with a slicer associated with it, or some other named entity in the workbook with the name Slicer_Product_Category, Excel appends a number after the name to produce a unique name, such as Slicer_Product_Category1.

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