MsoAutoShapeType Enumeration (Office)

Specifies the shape type for an AutoShape object.

Name Value Description
msoShape10pointStar 149 10-point star.
msoShape12pointStar 150 12-point star.
msoShape16pointStar 94 16-point star.
msoShape24pointStar 95 24-point star.
msoShape32pointStar 96 32-point star.
msoShape4pointStar 91 4-point star.
msoShape5pointStar 92 5-point star.
msoShape6pointStar 147 6-point star.
msoShape7pointStar 148 7-point star.
msoShape8pointStar 93 8-point star.
msoShapeActionButtonBackorPrevious 129 Back or Previous button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonBeginning 131 Beginning button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonCustom 125 Button with no default picture or text. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonDocument 134 Document button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonEnd 132 End button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonForwardorNext 130 Forward or Next button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonHelp 127 Help button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonHome 126 Home button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonInformation 128 Information button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonMovie 136 Movie button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonReturn 133 Return button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeActionButtonSound 135 Sound button. Supports mouse-click and mouse-over actions.
msoShapeArc 25 Arc.
msoShapeBalloon 137 Balloon.
msoShapeBentArrow 41 Block arrow that follows a curved 90-degree angle.
msoShapeBentUpArrow 44 Block arrow that follows a sharp 90-degree angle. Points up by default.
msoShapeBevel 15 Bevel.
msoShapeBlockArc 20 Block arc.
msoShapeCan 13 Can.
msoShapeChartPlus 182 Square divided vertically and horizontally into four quarters.
msoShapeChartStar 181 Square divided six parts along vertical and diagonal lines.
msoShapeChartX 180 Square divided into four parts along diagonal lines.
msoShapeChevron 52 Chevron.
msoShapeChord 161 Circle with a line connecting two points on the perimeter through the interior of the circle; a circle with a chord.
msoShapeCircularArrow 60 Block arrow that follows a curved 180-degree angle.
msoShapeCloud 179 Cloud shape.
msoShapeCloudCallout 108 Cloud callout.
msoShapeCorner 162 Rectangle with rectangular-shaped hole.
msoShapeCornerTabs 169 Four right triangles aligning along a rectangular path; four 'snipped' corners.
msoShapeCross 11 Cross.
msoShapeCube 14 Cube.
msoShapeCurvedDownArrow 48 Block arrow that curves down.
msoShapeCurvedDownRibbon 100 Ribbon banner that curves down.
msoShapeCurvedLeftArrow 46 Block arrow that curves left.
msoShapeCurvedRightArrow 45 Block arrow that curves right.
msoShapeCurvedUpArrow 47 Block arrow that curves up.
msoShapeCurvedUpRibbon 99 Ribbon banner that curves up.
msoShapeDecagon 144 Decagon.
msoShapeDiagonalStripe 141 Rectangle with two triangles-shapes removed; a diagonal stripe.
msoShapeDiamond 4 Diamond.
msoShapeDodecagon 146 Dodecagon
msoShapeDonut 18 Donut.
msoShapeDoubleBrace 27 Double brace.
msoShapeDoubleBracket 26 Double bracket.
msoShapeDoubleWave 104 Double wave.
msoShapeDownArrow 36 Block arrow that points down.
msoShapeDownArrowCallout 56 Callout with arrow that points down.
msoShapeDownRibbon 98 Ribbon banner with center area below ribbon ends.
msoShapeExplosion1 89 Explosion.
msoShapeExplosion2 90 Explosion.
msoShapeFlowchartAlternateProcess 62 Alternate process flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartCard 75 Card flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartCollate 79 Collate flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartConnector 73 Connector flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartData 64 Data flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartDecision 63 Decision flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartDelay 84 Delay flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartDirectAccessStorage 87 Direct access storage flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartDisplay 88 Display flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartDocument 67 Document flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartExtract 81 Extract flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartInternalStorage 66 Internal storage flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartMagneticDisk 86 Magnetic disk flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartManualInput 71 Manual input flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartManualOperation 72 Manual operation flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartMerge 82 Merge flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartMultidocument 68 Multi-document flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartOfflineStorage 139 Offline storage flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartOffpageConnector 74 Off-page connector flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartOr 78 "Or" flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartPredefinedProcess 65 Predefined process flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartPreparation 70 Preparation flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartProcess 61 Process flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartPunchedTape 76 Punched tape flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartSequentialAccessStorage 85 Sequential access storage flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartSort 80 Sort flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartStoredData 83 Stored data flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartSummingJunction 77 Summing junction flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFlowchartTerminator 69 Terminator flowchart symbol.
msoShapeFoldedCorner 16 Folded corner.
msoShapeFrame 158 Rectangular picture frame.
msoShapeFunnel 174 Funnel.
msoShapeGear6 172 Gear with six teeth.
msoShapeGear9 173 Gear with nine teeth
msoShapeHalfFrame 159 Half of a rectangular picture frame.
msoShapeHeart 21 Heart.
msoShapeHeptagon 145 Heptagon.
msoShapeHexagon 10 Hexagon.
msoShapeHorizontalScroll 102 Horizontal scroll.
msoShapeIsoscelesTriangle 7 Isosceles triangle.
msoShapeLeftArrow 34 Block arrow that points left.
msoShapeLeftArrowCallout 54 Callout with arrow that points left.
msoShapeLeftBrace 31 Left brace.
msoShapeLeftBracket 29 Left bracket.
msoShapeLeftCircularArrow 176 Circular arrow pointing counter-clockwise.
msoShapeLeftRightArrow 37 Block arrow with arrowheads that point both left and right.
msoShapeLeftRightArrowCallout 57 Callout with arrowheads that point both left and right.
msoShapeLeftRightCircularArrow 177 Circular arrow pointing clockwise and counter-clockwise; a curved arrow with points at both ends.
msoShapeLeftRightRibbon 140 Ribbon with an arrow at both ends.
msoShapeLeftRightUpArrow 40 Block arrow with arrowheads that point left, right, and up.
msoShapeLeftUpArrow 43 Block arrow with arrowheads that point left and up.
msoShapeLightningBolt 22 Lightning bolt.
msoShapeLineCallout1 109 Callout with border and horizontal callout line.
msoShapeLineCallout1AccentBar 113 Callout with horizontal accent bar.
msoShapeLineCallout1BorderandAccentBar 121 Callout with border and horizontal accent bar.
msoShapeLineCallout1NoBorder 117 Callout with horizontal line.
msoShapeLineCallout2 110 Callout with diagonal straight line.
msoShapeLineCallout2AccentBar 114 Callout with diagonal callout line and accent bar.
msoShapeLineCallout2BorderandAccentBar 122 Callout with border, diagonal straight line, and accent bar.
msoShapeLineCallout2NoBorder 118 Callout with no border and diagonal callout line.
msoShapeLineCallout3 111 Callout with angled line.
msoShapeLineCallout3AccentBar 115 Callout with angled callout line and accent bar.
msoShapeLineCallout3BorderandAccentBar 123 Callout with border, angled callout line, and accent bar.
msoShapeLineCallout3NoBorder 119 Callout with no border and angled callout line.
msoShapeLineCallout4 112 Callout with callout line segments forming a U-shape.
msoShapeLineCallout4AccentBar 116 Callout with accent bar and callout line segments forming a U-shape.
msoShapeLineCallout4BorderandAccentBar 124 Callout with border, accent bar, and callout line segments forming a U-shape.
msoShapeLineCallout4NoBorder 120 Callout with no border and callout line segments forming a U-shape.
msoShapeLineInverse 183 Line inverse.
msoShapeMathDivide 166 Division symbol '÷'.
msoShapeMathEqual 167 Equivalence symbol '='.
msoShapeMathMinus 164 Subtraction symbol '-'.
msoShapeMathMultiply 165 Multiplication symbol 'x'.
msoShapeMathNotEqual 168 Non-equivalence symbol '≠'.
msoShapeMathPlus 163 Addition symbol '+'.
msoShapeMixed -2 Return value only; indicates a combination of the other states.
msoShapeMoon 24 Moon.
msoShapeNonIsoscelesTrapezoid 143 Trapezoid with asymmetrical non-parallel sides.
msoShapeNoSymbol 19 "No" symbol.
msoShapeNotchedRightArrow 50 Notched block arrow that points right.
msoShapeNotPrimitive 138 Not supported.
msoShapeOctagon 6 Octagon.
msoShapeOval 9 Oval.
msoShapeOvalCallout 107 Oval-shaped callout.
msoShapeParallelogram 2 Parallelogram.
msoShapePentagon 51 Pentagon.
msoShapePie 142 Circle ('pie') with a portion missing.
msoShapePieWedge 175 Quarter of a circular shape.
msoShapePlaque 28 Plaque.
msoShapePlaqueTabs 171 Four quarter-circles defining a rectangular shape.
msoShapeQuadArrow 39 Block arrows that point up, down, left, and right.
msoShapeQuadArrowCallout 59 Callout with arrows that point up, down, left, and right.
msoShapeRectangle 1 Rectangle.
msoShapeRectangularCallout 105 Rectangular callout.
msoShapeRegularPentagon 12 Pentagon.
msoShapeRightArrow 33 Block arrow that points right.
msoShapeRightArrowCallout 53 Callout with arrow that points right.
msoShapeRightBrace 32 Right brace.
msoShapeRightBracket 30 Right bracket.
msoShapeRightTriangle 8 Right triangle.
msoShapeRound1Rectangle 151 Rectangle with one rounded corner.
msoShapeRound2DiagRectangle 157 Rectangle with two rounded corners, diagonally-opposed.
msoShapeRound2SameRectangle 152 Rectangle with two-rounded corners that share a side.
msoShapeRoundedRectangle 5 Rounded rectangle.
msoShapeRoundedRectangularCallout 106 Rounded rectangle-shaped callout.
msoShapeSmileyFace 17 Smiley face.
msoShapeSnip1Rectangle 155 Rectangle with one snipped corner.
msoShapeSnip2DiagRectangle 157 Rectangle with two snipped corners, diagonally-opposed.
msoShapeSnip2SameRectangle 156 Rectangle with two snipped corners that share a side.
msoShapeSnipRoundRectangle 154 Rectangle with one snipped corner and one rounded corner.
msoShapeSquareTabs 170 Four small squares that define a rectangular shape.
msoShapeStripedRightArrow 49 Block arrow that points right with stripes at the tail.
msoShapeSun 23 Sun.
msoShapeSwooshArrow 178 Curved arrow.
msoShapeTear 160 Water droplet.
msoShapeTrapezoid 3 Trapezoid.
msoShapeUpArrow 35 Block arrow that points up.
msoShapeUpArrowCallout 55 Callout with arrow that points up.
msoShapeUpDownArrow 38 Block arrow that points up and down.
msoShapeUpDownArrowCallout 58 Callout with arrows that point up and down.
msoShapeUpRibbon 97 Ribbon banner with center area above ribbon ends.
msoShapeUTurnArrow 42 Block arrow forming a U shape.
msoShapeVerticalScroll 101 Vertical scroll.
msoShapeWave 103 Wave.