MsoSyncErrorType Enumeration (Office)

Specifies a document synchronization error.

Note Beginning with Microsoft Office 2010, this object or member has been deprecated and should not be used.

Name Value Description
msoSyncErrorCouldNotCompare 13 Source and destination files could not be compared.
msoSyncErrorCouldNotConnect 2 Could not connect.
msoSyncErrorCouldNotOpen 11 Could not open file.
msoSyncErrorCouldNotResolve 14 Could not resolve files.
msoSyncErrorCouldNotUpdate 12 Could not update destination file.
msoSyncErrorFileInUse 6 Destination file in use.
msoSyncErrorFileNotFound 4 Destination file not found.
msoSyncErrorFileTooLarge 5 File too large to synchronize.
msoSyncErrorNone 0 No error.
msoSyncErrorNoNetwork 15 No network available.
msoSyncErrorOutOfSpace 3 Out of space.
msoSyncErrorUnauthorizedUser 1 Unauthorized user.
msoSyncErrorUnknown 16 Unknown error.
msoSyncErrorUnknownDownload 10 Download error.
msoSyncErrorUnknownUpload 9 Upload error.
msoSyncErrorVirusDownload 8 Virus downloaded.
msoSyncErrorVirusUpload 7 Virus uploaded.