PostItem.ShowCategoriesDialog Method (Outlook)

Displays the Show Categories dialog box, which allows you to select categories that correspond to the subject of the item.


expression. ShowCategoriesDialog

expression A variable that represents a PostItem object.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example creates a new post item, displays the item on the screen, and opens up the Show Categories dialog box.

Sub PostItem() 
 'Creates a post item to access ShowCategoriesDialog 
 Dim olmyPostItem As Outlook.PostItem 
 'Create post item 
 Set olmyPostItem = Application.CreateItem(olPostItem) 
 olmyPostItem.Body = "Please comment on these sales figures." 
 olmyPostItem.Subject = "Sales Reports" 
 'Display the item 
 'Display the Show categories dialog 
End Sub

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